The smartess referee watch now with advanced intervall functions!

Referee Watch2X has the same smart referree watch function as PRO model but the display is 20 % smaller and it has bip-sound instead of vibrator.  The watch has a smart intervall function. Useful for all kind of training, for trainers or teachers. The watch has also a ordinary watch  mode, wake up function and a stopwatch (99 laps).  

The second period counts from where the first stayed, for example from 45 to 90 minutes

Referee mode, multitraining mode, ordinary watch with alarm function and bip-sound

The settings and function for the referee mode is the same as for Ref Watch2S. 

Advanced interval training watch and  stopwatch with 99 laps.

Settings for interval training mode
Numbers of intervals (1-99)
Activity 1, Active Time (AT, hrs,min,sec)
Activity 2, Active Resting Time
(ART hrs,min,sec)
Resting time, RT (min, sec)

A bip-sound reminds you before every interval start/stop and when the last interval is finished.

Spintso always recommend you to use a certificate watch company to change the battery to be sure it will be right done so the warranty will be valid. Bring the "Replacing battery instruction..." with you.


Register match occasions after match ending?

  • If you want the watch to continue counting up after last period ended. Very useful if you decide to continue the game or if you register a occasion after match ending. Please set one extra period. Example a football match 2x45 minutes (2 periods). Set the watch for 3 periods. When second period ended including additional time the watch vibrate to inform you to blow the whistle but counting up continue to run until you presss RESET. 
      • Always RESET the watch after each match.

        • You must always reset your watch when the game is finished playing, Otherwise you can not adjust the settings. Hold down RESET button for 2-3 seconds until the clock stops flashing and the green bar goes blank again

      Battery symbol 

      When the battery symbol shows al the time it indicate it´s time to replace battery. 

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