Refcom unit

Smart, safe and flexible REFCOM® unit! 

REFCOM® is recognized worldwide by leagues, teams, coaches and sport referees. The set  is a wireless communicationsystem developed with referees for referees to fulfill the requirements of various sports. The radio is optimized with a robust premium headset to perform as a high end product, improved good speech quality with noise reduction, but still having a reasonable price.  

Every unit is very compact and light fitting on the arm. user friendly with simple controls. License free 2,4 Ghz band enabling communication up to 500 meters. 
 Easy to use and smooth on your arm or in a beltclip.
Watch our instructional videos under Documents / Videos

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REFCOM unit include:  The unit (remember to buy a USB cable if you need one)

Teknisk information:

Voice Operated Transmission                                                                                    Always active

Ambient noise cancellation using DSP                                                                      One microphone alg.

Encryption                                                                                                                  Std. Bluetooth encr.

Compatible with premium headset

Line of site range                                                                                                       800m

Max number of connected radios/Simultaneous speech                                           4/4

Radio Channels                                                                                                         A and B

License Free 2.4GHz radio band



Operational Time                                                                                                        10h

Operating Temperature                                                                                              -10 to +45°C

Climatic environment                                                                                                   IP65

Size/Weight (Including antenna & battery)                                                                  123x47x21mm/60g



Keep in mind that audio from the microphone starts at low level after unit startup, and then automatically increases to the correct level when you have talked for a while.
If all users count to 20 in the headset before you go out to the game, the system will have enough time to set. After that, every single user can adjust his/her volume to a comfortable level.


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