We welcome two new retailers to Spintso team!


Spintso continue signing new distributors/retailers. The members of Spintso team growing one partner in Norway and one in Greece.

Spintso had a long cooperation with refereesports.com in Norway. Spintso now signed a Distributor agreement with Ditt Klubbhus AS, www.sport1.no one of Norways biggest sport retailer with over 200 physical shops. They will sell Spintso products via 200 physical shops but also continue to sell via  www.refereesports.com.

-We are excited and believe this new set up will make SPINTSO brand more recognized and increase sales in Norway says Peter Evertsson, CEO at Spintso International.

Athansios Zervoudakis Company will soon start introducing SPINTSO brand to Greece, a new market for Spintso products. -We look forward to see how the Greece referee market responds says Peter Evertsson, CEO at Spintso International.

We welcome two new Distributor to Spintso team!