Handball Federation of Slovenia choose REFCOM



-“ It is our pleasure to announce that following a completion of a thorough testing period, we have selected a system which proved to be the most useful for our referees and which will enable us to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our decision-making at the critical moments of the handball game.

The main advantages provided for by the SPINTSO REFCOM Referee System are its simple start-up, clear and clean sound, ergonomic shape and portability.

In addition, we note that a very constructive and highly professional attitude of Mr John Hogstrom played a vital role in the negotiations and the final decision.” Says Mirko Palačković, member of the Refereeing Commission - Handball Federation of Slovenia

-We thank Handball Federation of Slovenia for their trust and hope for a long cooperation! Says John Högström, marketing manager at Spintso.


Handball Federation of Slovenia choose REFCOM