Four new members of Spintso retailer team!

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Spintso continue growing our distributor/retailer network by four new members from Denmark, Holland, Switzerland and UK.

MJ Sport from Denmark is an e-commerce company specialiced in referee equipment.
Print Inkoop from Holland have been selling Spintso products for a while and continue growing their business.
Hermet AG, a B2B and B2C company, will soon introduse Spintso brand to their portofolio. They will also start e-commerce business.
MBND Sport are specilized on waterpolo in UK and Hungary and they see the needs of communication system for their sport.
-We are excited and welcome our new members to Spintsoteam. We believe waterpolo can be a new sport for Spintso brand says Peter Evertsson, CEO at Spintso International.a

Four new members of spintso retailer team!