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World Cup semi-final between Brazil and Turkey:  the idea for Spintso was conceived by Roro Yakoub who saw during this semi-final that there was a need for a tool to assist referees.


The project began with market analysis in sport segments, focusing especially on football.  Some simple technical experiments were carried out.  Contact with the Swedish Football Association was established by the end of the year following a presentation of the Spintso ideas to the Association.


Key people within the Swedish Refereeing Federation with experience as FIFA referees became involved in the company, acting as sounding boards during product development.


Work with the Spintso tool intensified and the first prototype unit was completed, which was tested and presented to the referees.  All the new features were presented to the Swedish Football Association. Both a patent and design protection were obtained for Sweden; after which a European patent application was submitted.


Roro Yakoub started Spintso International AB ( a limited company). Spintso international AB participated in Venture Cup East Region, a competition to award the best business plan and Spintso received one of the ten Alfred Nobel SKAPA awards, selected from 370 entries.


This year the focus was on product development.


The second prototype was tested in around 100 competition matches both at home in Sweden and internationally. Spintso entered into business with Sterner Produktion AB regarding production and distribution. In December Spintso signed an agreement with the Swedish Football Association which provided the company with a strong partner for continued product development as well as national and international launching of the products.


Forty-four Swedish referees used SPINTSO PDA in over 1000 matches both nationally and internationally. Spintso was awarded the Alfred Nobel  "Skapa" (creative innovation) prize. 


Marketing, education and sales began in Sweden. Spintso Academies were held in ca 40 locations. Up until now, SPINTSO PDA has been used in over 10 000 matches. Patent was approved for the unique software regarding watch functions in Europe and US. Spintso signed a distributor agreement with Allzweck Sportartikel for the German market.


Spintso signed a Terms of collaboration with Deuscher Fussball Bund Medien. The 27th October is the intrigationen completed between DFB's database and SPINTSO PDA. Spintso trademark is protected in the United States. SPINTSO Referee watch project starts 2011-04-13. The first prototype of SPINTSO Referee watch arrives in July. In November 1st we delivered the first SPINTSO Referee watch to customers and dealers. SPINTSO PDA has been used in over 20 000 matches

During the autumn we sign retailers contract for several markets for example Australia, Russia and United States.



Våra produkter finns att köpa i 25 länder och i storts sett alla världsdelar. Vi är stolta att 6 månader efter att vi lanserade vår spintso watch så änvändes den i VM och EM kval samt under OS i London 2012. Den används nu i många ligor runt om i världen, från högsta till lägsta division. REFCOM projektet startats. 

Our products are now available in 25 countries and disrupted practically all continents. We are proud to 6 months after we launched our Spintso watch as it was used in the World Cup and European Championship qualifiers and during the Olympic Games in London in 2012. Our products are used in many leagues around the world, from the highest to the lowest division


Our products have now used in over 600,000 matches around the world, from top leagues to them the lowest divisions. New products are being developed together with the Swedish Football Association


Development projects starts for a new PDA sofware for American Football. Launching of REFCOM® Pro. Firts batch of 250 units sold out quickly. The supplier shortly thereafter reorganise and shot down the Swedish factory. after that no new deliveries. Start selling the new TimeLimitSpray. 


Delivery of first order regarding PDA-demo units for american football. The delivery problem with REFCOM® Pro was solved in end of the year and we start relaunching the product. The sales of Referee watches incresed by 35 %. Spintso moved the head quarters to Gothenburg and the R&D, service and support  centre to Falun. Development projects starts for a new communicationsystem.